Grapefruit Benefits by MyNutriCounter

8 Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit Benefits by MyNutriCounter

How to include this into your daily routine

As you can see there are many health benefits from consuming grapefruit, but you might be wondering how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Eat a whole grapefruit or juice one and drink it before the rest of your breakfast.
  • Peel grapefruit sections and add the fruit to a yoghurt parfait.
  • Dice grapefruit and add it to a fruit smoothie.
  • Mix grapefruit sections into a fruit your fruit or even green salad.

Recipe Options

Also, we’ve prepared some delicious and nutritious food arts that contain grapefruit and here’s a selection for you to choose from:

Breakfast – Food Art: Fruit Flower

Desert – Food Art: Fruit Owl

We hope you include grapefruit into your weekly consumption because not only does it taste delicious, not only does it provide you with all of the previously mentioned benefits, but also, it is full of pectin, a substance which binds to heavy metals, flushing them out in the digestive process.

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