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Photo of Hayley Agnew Bachelor Health Science – Complemetary Medicine

Hayley Agnew Bachelor Health Science – Complemetary Medicine

Over many years Hayley has developed numerous skills in many modalities, and now chooses to focus on three key (and complementary) areas of health and healing – Naturopathy, Yoga and Bowen Therapy.

Naturopathy is a holistic healing modality that encompasses Nutrition (Hayley is also a fully qualified Nutritionist), Herbal Medicine and lifestyle advice, to bring about balance in the body.…

Photo of Susannah Alexander BSc(Hons 1st Class) Nutritional Therapy

Susannah Alexander BSc(Hons 1st Class) Nutritional Therapy

Growing up in a Mediterranean family, my earliest memories involve the mouth-watering colours, aromas and flavours which were essential elements of family life.

One of my favourite pastimes was helping in the kitchen, and this love of food has inspired me ever since. My first career was in education, and I have loved working with both adults and children to help them develop their knowledge and understanding, and achieve things they never believed possible.…

Photo of Priya Arora

Priya Arora

A plant based food and lifestyle blog inspired by spices from India and beyond!

Photo of Romina Barritta de Defranchi

Romina Barritta de Defranchi

I am passionate about simple, real food. I love sharing easy seasonal recipes with whole-food ingredients. My passion for cooking and all things related to food started in my childhood, making recipes from scratch with my mom and gardening vegetables with my dad (who was born in Southern Italy).

One of my favorite things to cook and write about is the food of my Argentine-Italian family.…

Photo of Rebecca Blackwell

Rebecca Blackwell

Hello! I’m Rebecca, baker, recipe developer, food writer and blogger at Of Batter and Dough. My aim is to create recipes that make life more delicious, inspired by a simple philosophy: Life is too short to eat crappy food.

I tend to favor quality over quantity in pretty much every area of my life and am increasingly aware that more is often actually less.

Photo of Michelle Blackwood RN

Michelle Blackwood RN

Michelle is a registered nurse and a certified Holistic Health Counselor, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This training has equipped her to do cooking classes, health coaching, talks on health, and catering! She is also the author of Healthier Steps: 125 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes.

Her hubby Devon is her best taste tester!…

Photo of Eva Burg

Eva Burg

Eva Burg is a German-born Nutrition and Health Coach who wants to make you fall in love with healthy food.

She is aiming to provide tasty, nutritious recipes for anyone who wants to eat healthily or follows special dietary requirements such as vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free or refined sugar-free diets.

It is the simple things that make life worth living.…

Photo of Kate Chury RD

Kate Chury RD

Kate Chury is a Canadian registered dietitian (RD) with a passion for food and educating others about nutrition. Kate’s experience includes helping those with specialized medical issues including eating disorders, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, HIV, and cancer.

She has also worked with a wide variety of clients both within the public system and privately on issues such as celiac disease, food allergies and intolerances, pre and post natal nutrition, geriatric nutrition, and general healthy nutrition.…

Photo of Dr Tim Crowe BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet, PhD

Dr Tim Crowe BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet, PhD

Tim is a career nutrition research scientist and educator. He now works chiefly as a freelance health and medical writer and scientific consultant where his goal is to communicate credible, evidence-based nutrition messages in straightforward language.

He has an active media profile and a large social media following through his Thinking Nutrition blog and Facebook page.…

Photo of Mona Elnagar B.Sc, Dip NT

Mona Elnagar B.Sc, Dip NT

Founder and Owner

Mona is a  qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Her background in microbiology and biochemistry, along with her formal training in biomedicine, allow her to better understand the physiology of the human body.

Together with her degree in nutrition, this makes for a powerful combination, which enables her to identify the issues of her clients and to develop protocols tailored for their specific challenges.…

Photo of Joel Feren APD, AN

Joel Feren APD, AN

Joel is currently working in aged care where he manages the dietetic services of a number of residential care facilities across Melbourne.

He has consulted to sporting clubs as well as various blue-collar businesses. Joel is a professional member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and Sports Dietitians of Australia. His main area of interest is Men’s Health.…

Photo of Debbie Gibson RNutr MSc

Debbie Gibson RNutr MSc

Debbie is a Nutrition Research Scientist, registered with the Association for Nutrition (RNutr) and educated to Masters Level in Public Health Nutrition (MSc).

Debbie runs her own personal blog where she posts about her home-cooked recipes, the development of her allotment and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.

She has 7 years experience of working in the NHS and in academic settings, mainly involving work with community-based health and nutrition programmes.…

Photo of Jayne Hopper DipCNM, mBANT, CNCH

Jayne Hopper DipCNM, mBANT, CNCH

I am a Nutritional Therapist, NLP practitioner, Hypnotist, DNA and functional tester, Iridologist, a wellbeing life coach and specialist in Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

I gained my Diploma in Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), which is a science based course with a holistic view, focusing on whole and organic foods as medicine.…

Photo of Jennifer Hunt RDN, LD

Jennifer Hunt RDN, LD

Jennifer Hunt, RDN, LD is a nutrition communications dietitian whose joy and passion is to empower women to live healthy, intentional lives that are fulfilling and free of guilt and shame.

She loves sharing real-life strategies for choosing nourishing foods, creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you and loving the woman in the mirror.…

Photo of Lynn Huntley

Lynn Huntley

Hi, I’m Lynn from Turnips 2 Tangerines.

I am a Wisconsin foodblogger, coffee drinker, cookbook hoarder, spice addict, thrift store shopper and grocery store stalker.

I enjoy mixing fresh ingredients with convenient and inexpensive food items.

Good and healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive to taste good.

Photo of Tuulia Jarvinen

Tuulia Jarvinen

Tuulia is Helsinki based blogger, IIN health coach, recipe creator, cook book author, who loves feel-good food and no added sugar-treats.

In Wellberries-blog she follows her passion to create tasty, nutritious, gluten and dairy free food. She’s always been interested in food, actually so much so, that she studied food science and economics at a university.…

Photo of Samantha Kment

Samantha Kment

Hi, my name is Samantha and I’m the creator of Samantha’s Kitchen Table. I started my blog as an attempt to share my love of food with…well….anyone and everyone who might find their way to my little site. I am not a trained chef or any kind of food professional, I am however a wife and mommy who is always trying to feed her family healthy and wholesome meals.…

Photo of Jean La Mantia RD

Jean La Mantia RD

Jean LaMantia is a cancer survivor, registered dietitian and author of The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook.
She is a public speaker who presents to support groups, hospitals and businesses & conference audiences.

She provides both one-on-one and group nutrition counselling to allow cancer survivors and patients to know that they are doing everything they can do to reduce their risk.…

Photo of Rosie Letts BSc(Hons) Health Science (Nutritional Therapy)

Rosie Letts BSc(Hons) Health Science (Nutritional Therapy)

Rosie Letts holds a BsC Hons in Health Science (Nutritional Therapy) from the University of Westminster, and is a full member of BANT.

She is also registered with CNHC and has trained with the innovative Institute for Functional Health.

In short, she is committed to attaining the highest standards of knowledge, competence, integrity, and professionalism in the practice of evidence-based Nutritional Therapy in Bristol and Bath.…

Photo of Ivy Liacopoulou

Ivy Liacopoulou

I am a Greek-Cypriot, living in Greece since I got married and that’s many years ago.

I grew up in Limassol, Cyprus, which is a beautiful island, of Greek culture, in the Eastern Mediterranean. My passion for cooking started by watching my mother and helping her in the kitchen, back in Cyprus, where I grew up.…

Photo of Samantha Prior BSc Dip

Samantha Prior BSc Dip

About Me
Taking a journey through a nutritional consultation can feel like one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in improving your health. I initially stumbled upon nutritional therapy when I went for a consultation through my leisure centre. Through my own experience I decided to do two degrees in nutrition and bioscience so that I could understand the complexes of food and how it interacts with body to benefit us.…

Photo of Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid

I’ve been baking since I was tall enough to reach the countertops on a chair, and always love learning – so I got a degree in Nutrition and set about making delicious, nutritious meals everyone will love… including the grade school kids I teach Home Ec to!

Photo of Relish Culinary Therapy

Relish Culinary Therapy

Kiara Whack is a zealous foodie utilizing her bachelor of arts in Psychology from the University of Virginia to assess the relationship between mental health and what one chooses to eat. Her passion for mental health began when she had to overcome her own depression in her early 20’s.

Her experience in the mental health field working with youth with behavior problems in conjunction with mental health problems allowed Kiara to better understand the challenges related to mental health and how one’s diet may tie into it.…

Photo of Amanda Reynolds

Amanda Reynolds

I used to own a bakery that I sold in August of 2016 to pursue blogging and photography. I love creating healthy recipes and baking up sweet treats.

Photo of Louise Robertson BSc (Hons) RD

Louise Robertson BSc (Hons) RD

Louise is an experience UK qualified Dietitian working in the National Health service for over 14 years. She currently specialises in the area of Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

In her spare time she likes to write articles on evidence based nutrition and the life of a dietitian on her blog Dietitian’s Life. Also a mummy to 2 little girls which keeps her busy!…

Photo of Seasonal Cravings

Seasonal Cravings

Seasonal Cravings is where I share healthy gluten free dishes that your family will love. Let’s get cooking!

Photo of Brittany Sparks RD, CSR

Brittany Sparks RD, CSR

Brittany Sparks is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition (CSR), currently residing in Denver, Colorado in the United States. She has a passion for helping others learn about the importance of nutrition and how to cook healthy meals at home. She is the owner of and loves to spend her time creating healthy recipes, teaching about nutrition, spending time with her family and enjoying the outdoors.…

Photo of The Free From Fairy

The Free From Fairy

In 2012 I created the Free From Fairy, a blog to share my tips, advice and simple family friendly free from recipes.

My daughter was diagnosed with egg and milk protein allergies in 2008 and then with coeliac disease in 2010.

I’m passionate about teaching other people how to cater healthily for those on restricted diets and in 2016 I created and launched the first wholegrain gluten and rice free flour blend to help people make healthier choices.…

Photo of Brittany Thomas MHSc, RD

Brittany Thomas MHSc, RD

Hello, I’m Brittany. I am a registered dietitian (RD), certified yoga instructor, and an avid foodie who loves to spend time in the kitchen. The title of my cooking blog is exactly what it implies – recipes and tips for creating simple and delicious food. My love for cooking began at young age. Some of my best childhood memories are of my best friend and I baking cookies and cakes, with varying degrees of success.…